We Believe in the
Power of Women.

We believe that recognizing that power, honoring it, and releasing it transforms not only individuals, but communities, and entire societies.

We work towards a world in which outdated gender norms no longer limit our potential, our families, or our relationships in the world.

We do this in big and small ways – through daily shifts in our own minds and spaces and through advocacy for big sweeping changes in the world around us.

We do this through our words and our actions, through the power in each of us, and through the collective power of us all.

We are not limited by our gender, we are empowered by it.

Womanhood, motherhood, and feminism may look different to each of us – but the movement breaks the chains that keep all of us bound to someone else’s notion of what being a woman, of what being a mother should be.

‘Mother Feminist’ is a meeting place for feminists raising the next generation of feminists