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“The patriarchy won’t be smashed by just one generation. For too long, that same male-dominated system has stoked divisions between mothers and feminists. We’re here to break that false narrative, and to support all the mother feminists ready to pick up a hammer or a pen.” – Maggie

Meet Maggie

Maggie is a three-fold mother – egg donor, mom/step-mom raising three children alongside her retired military partner.

She works outside the home as a diplomat, Marine, health coach, and writer. She is an avid ultra-runner with countless miles along US backroads and major highways.

A strong advocate of education and lifelong learner, she holds a BA, two MAs, and a PhD.

Likewise, as a lifelong feminist she’s a staunch believer in women (and men) choosing their own life paths regardless of traditional gender roles or stigmas.

Originally from the Midwest, she currently splits her time between Montreal, QC and Beaufort, SC.

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